About Us

Do you remember the Good Samaritan story? 

A traveler finds an injured man on the road and takes him to an inn, where the innkeeper helps him heal. Good Samaritan Boys Ranch serves as an innkeeper for youth and families in need. Our supporters are the Good Samaritans who make healing possible.

Founded in 1959 by the Rev. and Mrs. Robert Johnson, Good Samaritan Boys Ranch (GSBR) served as an orphanage to provide hope for disadvantaged boys. Today, GSBR continues to help those who have been abused and neglected become responsible, productive adults. We deliver a spectrum of trauma-informed, accredited, and licensed services, including:

  • Support for the Foster Care system;
  • Community-based and in-home preventative services;
  • A 24/7 therapeutic living environment focusing on intervention, education, and recreation;
  • Transitional housing and homeless prevention for at-risk youth;
  • And preparation for youth aging out of Foster Care to live independently.

Our facilities include a 180-acre Ranch located in Brighton, a transitional group home for boys in Springfield, a transitional group home for girls in Willard, community-based apartments, and our Family Services offices located in Springfield.

Additionally, Good Samaritan Boys Ranch owns Graydon Springs Camp, near Walnut Grove, presenting our youth with various outdoor adventures. The 220-acre wilderness includes cabins, a pool, and hiking trails.

At Good Samaritan, we believe a lack of financial resources should never prevent a youth or family from experiencing life changing services. Join us in helping Any Child, Any Family, Anytime, Anywhere – Donate here

Accreditation: GSBR is licensed by the Missouri Division of Family Services and Missouri Division of Youth Services and accredited by Council on Accreditation.

Ownership: Good Samaritan Boys Ranch is an IRS recognized nonprofit, governed by a volunteer Board of Directors comprised of local citizens.