1. What is the age-group and gender of clients or participants?
    Currently our program serves boys ages 10-18, who exhibit behavior problems or come from abusive and/or neglectful homes.
  2. What is the average length of stay?
    The average stay for a resident is 12-18 months. Progression through the program depends upon issues and problems that need to be resolved.
  3. Where do you receive your referrals from?
    We receive referrals from Missouri Department of Social Services Children’s Divsion, Division of Youth Services (DYS), juvenile courts and other agencies.
  4. What type of facility are you, what treatment approach do you use, what school are you affiliated with and what services do you provide?
    We are a residential treatment facility based on therapeutic environment modality. Individual, group and family therapy are integral parts of our program. The Ranch provides on-going sexual abuse groups for boys in need of those services. With the services of the Pleasant Hope School District, our on-ground learning disability and behavior disorder classrooms are providing our residents with the needed additional structure and guidance in school. We also provide recreation and equestrian therapy.
  5. Are you affiliated with any religious denomination?
    We are interdenominational and welcome all religious affiliations. Prayer at meal times and weekly chapel services are routine parts of our program.
  6. What is the correct name of your organization, address and phone number?
    Good Samaritan Boys Ranch, Inc., P.O. Box 617, Brighton, MO 65617, (417)376-2238.
  7. What is the cost?
    Costs are based on the treatment needs of youth and are generally determined through contractual agreements with referring state agencies. For additional information contact Casey Wray CEO. Payment is funded through the referring state agencies and is determined according to the treatment needs of the individual.