How Much Does It Pay?

It is okay to ask this question! We respect that while it is not about the money, everyone knows children are expensive! The reality is that children do cost more to take care of than fostering is going to pay, but there are reimbursements. For example, if you travel 30 miles each way to take children to weekly visits with their parents, you will receive reimbursement for some of the mileage. Trips to court, Family Support Team Meetings, and to the doctor can also be reimbursed.

Children receive a clothing allowance. That is a set amount of money based on the child’s age. You can shop at your local mall, online, or the thrift store for these clothes. You need only provide a receipt and monthly expense form with the items to be reimbursed until the child’s annual limit is reached. Sales tax and shipping are not reimbursable.

‚ÄčOther unexpected expenses may be reimbursable or we may be able to find a group or organization to help with the cost. Keep all communication open with your child’s case manager so arrangements can be made for extraneous needs.

You will be paid a maintenance fee each month per child in your care. There will also be a $100 payment each month as long as your license is up to date. That payment is called a Professional Parenting Payment.

As listed on the home page, the monthly amount paid to a foster home for each child varies based on the age of the child and the level of care your home is licensed to provide.