Volunteer Opportunities

Here are some links to places and ways to help foster children. It is important to note that neither Springfield Partners nor its affiliates are directly associated with any of these groups or organizations.

Sammy’s Window provides for the needs of foster children in our region:



Adopt us kids provides a resource for receiving donations as well as putting children into permanent loving homes:





Foster Grandparenting: 









​There are many other ways to help local children.

There is always a need for basic supplies such as shoes, book bags, backpacks, clothes, school supplies and toiletries.

Call your local school district and tell them you wish to pay off a students lunch bill. No student should have to go hungry because their parents cannot afford a school lunch.

None of the following listings are affiliated with Springfield Partners. This list is offered only as a convenience to individuals who want to help in some way but do not know what to do or who to ask.

​While many needs require a lot of financial support, there are many ways to improve children’s lives without a lot of money. Volunteer. Offer to read to children at a local school or community library. It means the world to children to have someone new come in and read to them. If you can make a consistent commitment to come once a week, you would be presenting a positive community role model to all of the children in the class. There is no such thing as too many positive role models.

Big Brothers/Big Sisters has volunteer opportunities as well:


Convoy of Hope often requests volunteers.

They help families and when you help families, you help their children:


Additional volunteer opportunities that will help children and families in your community include: