The Good Samaritan Boys Ranch has been assisting parents of troubled children for over forty years. The Ranch employs a wide variety of programs and counseling techniques that include the family when available.

If you are a parent who is having trouble with a child and your looking for help, call the Ranch. Trained staff members will be happy to discuss your individual situation and offer their suggestions for assisting you.

For additional information about the GSBR Admission Policy and process click here. To learn more and for additional information about Parenting Tips click here.


  • All residents have the right to correspond with family members and approved acquaintances. The Ranch will pay postage on three letters per week. Residents are assured the right to censor-free correspondence, unless the correspondence is deemed, by the treatment staff, to be detrimental to the resident, to other residents, or the program.  Telephone calls by the residents to parents and family members are permitted, once a week, with the approval of his Ranch residential therapist and legal guardian.
  • Incoming calls to residents are not allowed. It is the therapeutic objective of this agency to assure that the resident is in fact in conversation with his family. There would be no sure way to ascertain this when accepting in-coming calls.
  • Visitation is allowed and scheduled on a once-a-month basis through the residential therapist. A resident must be at the Ranch for thirty days before he may go off-grounds. Most visits are scheduled for Visiting Sunday, which is the last Sunday of each month (except around vacation times). The restriction of a resident’s visitation will be for therapeutic reasons only. If a resident is on Ranch restriction, the length of his visit may be shortened and take place in a designated area. The residential therapist will notify the appropriate visitors of this restriction.
  • All members of the resident’s family, regardless of age, are allowed to visit if approved by the guardian or parent. All other visitors outside of the family must be approved by the resident’s residential therapist. Representatives of the referring agency are considered approved visitors.
  • Each resident has the right to a fair weekly allowance based upon the responsibility shown in fulfilling daily job responsibilities. Because of this opportunity, parents are asked to not send additional money to the residents.
  • All members of the immediate household are asked, and encouraged, to participate in family therapy sessions. These sessions are scheduled at the convenience of the family and the residential therapist. The family will be contacted by the residential therapist soon after their son’s placement so that family therapy sessions can begin.
  • None of the residents are allowed to use tobacco products while at the Ranch. All visitors are asked to honor this request also.