The Boys Ranch has instituted a new program for Planned Giving though the Ranchlife Endowment Fund. Planned Giving can take several forms the most common of which are:

1) Charitable Gift Annuities:

A donor makes a gift to the ranch of cash , securities or even real estate and  receives an income for life from that gift.  This gift not only has the advantage of income but also tax reductions in the year it is given and in years that follow.

A Charitable Annuity is a legal contract between the donor and the ranch that the ranch will pay a set income to the donor each year for the lifetime of the donor.

This form of Life gift is the most common and popular way of planned giving.

2) Deferred Gift Annuity:

A deferred gift annuity works the same as a Charitable Gift Annuity, but the income to the  donor is deferred to a point in the future. This type of gift is good for younger donors that don’t need the income now, but want to have it available in the future.  One big benefit is the donor gets to take the tax deduction now.

3) Living Trusts:

A living trust can be revocable or non- revocable. The donor transfers assets in to a trust that then pays income to the donor based on the value of the assets transferred to the trust. This can be a valuable toll to avoid probate tax’s among other benefits.

Planned Giving can be a tool for donor income stream, estate planning as well as a great way to help the Boys Ranch.