The Good Samaritan Boys ranch is an independent organization licensed by the Missouri Division of Children’s Services as a residential treatment facility. The Ranch is recognized as a long term treatment facility for boys with emotional and behavioral disorders provides services to 76 boys between the ages of twelve (12) and eighteen (18). The professional staff posses a master’s degree and are licensed in social work, counseling or a related field. Several therapists have worked at the Ranch for more than 10 years and have a thorough understanding of the needs of troubled children.

The residential therapists provide individual therapy, family therapy and a variety of group therapies, including sexual abuse groups, grief and loss groups, substance abuse group, social skills groups and groups for those dealing with depression.

The participation of the resident’s family is an essential part of the program and reunification is the ultimate goals for many of the residents. Families participate in the development of the treatment plan when appropriate and are encouraged to attend family therapy as often as they are able. Families also can attend staffing and treatment meetings concerning their child and the residential therapists keep families informed on the progress of their child toward the completion of his treatment goals. Families are able to visit on- or off-grounds one Sunday each month and the therapists are available on that day to meet with the family. Residents are able to keep in touch with their families through phone contact and letters and there are several vacation period through the year so that the resident can spend time with their family.

The outdoor recreation program includes, but is not limited to, camping, backpacking, canoeing, kayaking and horseback riding. The goal of these activities are to help each resident improve his self image and to develop essential real lie skills.

GSBR contracts with a psychiatrist who assesses each resident after his entrance into the program and manages each resident’s medications. To assure that each resident’s therapeutic needs are met each residential therapist has a maximum of 11 residents on their caseload. The staff to resident ratio in the dorms is 1:5 with the exception of one dorm where the staff to resident ratio is 1:8.