A Christmas Tradition at Good Samaritan

Written by Casey

Written by Casey


We have a tradition at Good Samaritan.

It goes back over 25 years. A few weeks before Christmas we go out to our camp and hunt for the perfect Christmas tree.

Then about a week before Christmas, we close the gym to all kids and proceed to decorate. There is always a tenuous moment as we attempt fit this enormous tree through the doors in the gym.

It takes work. Sometimes, as many as 20 staff working together, pulling from the inside, and pushing from the outside. Some even climb right into the tree. There are moments when it feels as though the tree will never make it through. Inch by inch, year after year that tree eventually makes it through.

But it would never happen without the hard work and dedication of those staff.

Inch by inch, day by day, 2022 has come and gone. Kids and families continue to need support, now, more than ever. At Good Samaritan we are so thankful to each person that continues to help us pull and push our mission forward. 

A mission to help youth and families go from simply surviving to thriving.

Your time and resources are precious, and yet you continue to activate the good! We couldn’t do it without you. You activate the good all year round. 

For that reason, we are thankful for you; for that reason we wish you a merry Christmas; for that reason we wish you all the best in the new year.


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