Activate the Good: Join the Movement!

Written by Jayme

Written by Jayme

Community Development Director

Have you ever gone up to pay for something and your card gets declined?
This happened to me last week! I was at Hobby Lobby and my card got declined – THREE times. The panic set in and I felt like everyone in line was staring at me. Thankfully, it was just the chip reader, and they were able to fix it.
But have you ever had this happen and it’s not just the chip reader – your card really won’t work?!
Then someone comes up behind you and offers to pay for your bill. Relief and gratitude immediately sink in.
Maybe you’ve experienced this as well.
We call these little moments of kindness “Activating the Good.” You may have seen us use this phrase recently – that’s because it’s near and dear to our hearts!
Activate the Good is a movement based on the belief that everyone has the potential for good inside them. Seemingly small choices for good (like paying for someone’s coffee or holding open a door) have the power to impact us, others, and our communities for the better.

One act of kindness could change someone’s life forever.

This is as true for you and me as it is for the youth and families we serve. Why? Because these little moments of kindness show us in the scary, dark moments of life that hope is available to us.
  • When you take just a few moments to read our blog and learn more about our youth and families, you Activate the Good.


  • When you pick up the pacifier that fell on the floor for the mom juggling three kids at the store, you Activate the Good.
  • When you give your time or resources to support the youth and families in crisis in our community, you Activate the Good.
  • When you smile and open the door for a stranger, you Activate the Good.
Here’s your challenge: Use your unique gifts, resources, platforms, and networks to take action and be a part of the movement.

Want to join us as an Activator? Click here!