Good Samaritan Assists Young Men & Women Aging Out of Foster Care

In years past it wasn’t uncommon for young men and women “aging out” of Missouri’s foster child program to receive not much more than a large plastic trash bag for their clothes and a “good luck” pat on the back, leaving many of them without further support to help them along in their path to successful adulthood.

When a DIY Project Goes Wrong

Taking Ownership: When a DIY Project Goes Wrong Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Have you ever had a DIY project that we were working on go wrong? Well, I could fill a book with times mine have gone sideways. A few weeks ago, my wife and I were working on a custom piece of furniture for my […]

Travel back to 1999…

I want to take you back to 1999… The world was in a frenzy about Y2K being right around the corner, Star Wars Episode I – The Phantom Menace released to mixed reception, the Game Boy Color was the hit toy of the holidays, and the New York Yankees won their 25th World Series Championship. Here at Good Samaritan, 1999 was a very important step forward for how we served youth in foster care with the start of our Transitional Living Program.

Never Drop the Santa Act

Let’s be honest. The holidays are stressful. It’s easy to forget what makes them special. That feeling all but disappears when you are gathered-together with your family. A lot of our youth have never experienced sitting around the kitchen table with their whole family for a big Thanksgiving feast, or the pure bliss of a tree full of gifts on Christmas.

“I wish I could’ve just been a kid”

“I wish I could’ve just been a kid” Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Do you remember the pure joy of waking up on Christmas morning? The sun is peaking its head out. The crisp December air is hanging in a quiet house. The sense of excitement was almost too much for you to contain. Out of the […]

Suicide Prevention Month – Shining a Light of Hope

You may have heard that September is Suicide Prevention Month, and we believe recognizing how you feel is the first step toward healing. When working with youth who have experienced trauma this can be a high hurdle for our therapists, but with enough education, strong relationships, and a safe environment, we can break down those barriers.  

With Help from Hillcrest: How a Partnership With One School Helps Our Youth

With Help From Hillcrest: How a Partnership With One School Helps Our Youth Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Youth in foster care face unique challenges when working toward their academic goals and earning a high school diploma. Some have transferred schools and even districts multiple times, disrupting their academic progress and severing important social ties. Some work […]