Billy's Story: Part 1

Picture of Written by Jayme

Written by Jayme

Community Development Director

You know when you’re watching TV and one of those super sad animal commercials comes on?
I always change the channel – mostly because I’m sitting there thinking that any of these cameramen could feed the starving puppy they’re showing on my screen.
Well, I have a story I need to share with you and I’m asking you to not change the channel. I’m not going to lie; it has some sad parts – but it’s one we need to hear. And I promise it’s not like those sad animal commercials.
Billy is a youth who recently graduated from our Specialized Care treatment program. He built relationships quickly with his humor, charm, and a great smile. But when Billy sat down with his therapist, Penny, she quickly realized these were all walls to keep Billy from having to feel the weight of the things he had experienced.
In their sessions, Billy identified twenty-three different trauma exposures, including sexual and physical abuse at the hands of both biological parents and his adoptive father. So many people whose job it was to protect and teach and love Billy had failed him.
As Billy went through treatment, he experienced two hospitalizations and continued with struggles of aggression, self-harming, and threats of running away. It was unclear whether Billy would be able to remain at Good Samaritan.
But then things changed.
As Billy worked through his trauma, he began to put safeguards into place to cope with and navigate triggers. Where before his trauma had presented as aggression and destruction, Billy was now using the tools he needed to self-regulate.
Okay, I’m going to pause the story here – mostly because this would be a really long story if I explained to you all the AMAZING outcomes of Billy’s treatment at Good Samaritan.
Check back next week for the rest of Billy’s story and how he’s doing today.
Until next week,
Jayme Raynor
Community Development Director