Suicide Prevention Month – Shining a Light of Hope

You may have heard that September is Suicide Prevention Month, and we believe recognizing how you feel is the first step toward healing. When working with youth who have experienced trauma this can be a high hurdle for our therapists, but with enough education, strong relationships, and a safe environment, we can break down those barriers.  

Child Abuse Prevention Month: Breaking the Cycle

Child Abuse Prevention: Breaking the Cycle Facebook Twitter LinkedIn April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. At Good Samaritan Boys Ranch, breaking the cycle of abuse is a key goal in all of our programs. Our programs are designed to help youth and families heal from trauma, build resiliency, and establish strong foundations for their futures. […]

Human Trafficking & Foster Youth: Risks & Prevention

Human Trafficking and Foster Youth: Risks and Prevention Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Today’s topic is heavy, but it is something that’s near to our hearts at Good Samaritan for a myriad of reasons: January is Human Trafficking Prevention Month. Human trafficking is the fastest growing criminal enterprise worldwide and 25% of human trafficking victims are children. […]

School-Based Counseling: Practical Skills for Families

School-Based Counseling: Practical Skills for Families Facebook Twitter LinkedIn After introducing our School-Based Counseling program in my first blog post, I wanted part two to have some practical tools you can begin using at home with your family right now. These are concepts we work on with families in therapy. Remember, little shifts can create […]

Mental Health And Foster Care

Mental Health And Foster Care Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Here at Good Samaritan, we talk a lot about mental health. Often, the foster youth we work with come from backgrounds where they have experienced trauma and neglect. We have some amazing, trauma-informed therapists on our team who ensure our youth get the care and treatment they […]

School-Based Counseling at Good Samaritan

School-Based Counseling at Good Samaritan Facebook Twitter LinkedIn What is School-Based Counseling? I was a counselor in private practice for several years. I worked with kids and teens of all ages. And while the clients I worked with made progress, the practical side of making room in the day for counseling was cumbersome for a […]

Protective Factors: What They Are and Why We Need Them

Protective Factors: What They Are and Why We Need Them Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Every 10 seconds, a report of child abuse or neglect is made to child protection agencies. In Missouri alone, there were 5,465 substantiated cases of child abuse and/or neglect in 2018. These are sobering statistics, but child abuse IS preventable. At Good Samaritan, […]