“I wish I could’ve just been a kid”

“I wish I could’ve just been a kid” Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Do you remember the pure joy of waking up on Christmas morning? The sun is peaking its head out. The crisp December air is hanging in a quiet house. The sense of excitement was almost too much for you to contain. Out of the […]

Suicide Prevention Month – Shining a Light of Hope

You may have heard that September is Suicide Prevention Month, and we believe recognizing how you feel is the first step toward healing. When working with youth who have experienced trauma this can be a high hurdle for our therapists, but with enough education, strong relationships, and a safe environment, we can break down those barriers.  

What Do We Mean by “Activate the Good”?

What Do We Mean by “Activate the Good”? Facebook Twitter LinkedIn I entered the role of CEO for the Good Samaritan Boys Ranch in 2020. I was given an almost impossible task: following in the footsteps of a titan in the child welfare sector. Kevin Killian, our former CEO, breathed life into this organization 30 […]