Trunk-or-Treat at the Ranch

Trunk-or-Treat at the Ranch Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Here at Good Samaritan, we celebrated Halloween with our first ever Trunk-or-Treat at the Ranch. Staff worked hard dressing up and decorating their car (or horses!) to fit the theme. Youth in our Specialized Care program then spent the afternoon collecting goodies and connecting with staff. For some […]

Billy’s Story

Billy’s Story Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Billy’s story is one that you might be familiar with, or more likely, his is a story that you start to hear about and then it becomes painful and sad, and you turn the dial or the television station because hearing about it is just too much to think about.  […]

Billy’s Story: Part 2

Billy’s Story: Part 2 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn I’m back with the rest of Billy’s story, as promised. As you may recall, Billy came to us at Good Samaritan after experiencing extreme forms of abuse and lots of struggles with anger and self-harm. But as Billy continued to press into all treatment had to offer, we saw change. Getting […]

Billy’s Story: Part 1

Billy’s Story: Part 1 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn You know when you’re watching TV and one of those super sad animal commercials comes on? I always change the channel – mostly because I’m sitting there thinking that any of these cameramen could feed the starving puppy they’re showing on my screen. Well, I have a story I need […]

Activate the Good: Join the Movement!

Activate the Good: Join the Movement! Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Have you ever gone up to pay for something and your card gets declined? This happened to me last week! I was at Hobby Lobby and my card got declined – THREE times. The panic set in and I felt like everyone in line was staring at […]

Back to School in Specialized Care: Meet Ty!

Back to School in Specialized Care: Meet Ty! Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Do you remember those last few weeks of summer before the start of a new school year? What do you think about? The brand new school supplies? The classes you’ll be taking? Or perhaps it’s those feelings of nervous excitement about the year to […]