Nathan's Positive Release Celebration

Picture of Written by Jayme

Written by Jayme

Development Director

Did you know that we have a very special celebration called a Positive Release Meeting for the youth who complete the Specialized Care program at the Ranch?
The youth at the Ranch work hard to overcome trauma and resulting behaviors during their time in the program and we always want to ensure that we celebrate and honor them for this hard work!
We recently had this celebration for Nathan. When Nathan arrived at the Ranch, he was closed off and unsure about the program. He was afraid of being judged and struggled to believe that it really was okay for him to feel and express his emotions.
However, this didn’t last long! Quickly, Nathan realized that he was surrounded by supportive adults and youth who truly wanted the best for him.
When it was his turn to leave the program, he told his therapist, “You always say that we are entitled to the emotions that we have, but I was afraid were just judging me. Now, I’ve realized you weren’t judging me, that it is true, and I have made that a part of me.”
Nathan left the program at the Ranch not only meeting all of his treatment goals, but also developing a better understanding of himself. He left feeling safe to be who he is and express what he needs.
Will you consider donating to help youth like Nathan achieve their goals? What we do would not be possible without your generous partnership and support!