Laura's Home: A Safe Place for Girls

Picture of Written by Susanna

Written by Susanna

Communications Coordinator


Did you know that we have a group home just for girls? In the decades since we started as a small non-profit at our Ranch location, we have grown to include programs for youth and families throughout our community. 

And Laura’s Home was created specifically as a safe and supportive environment for girls in foster care. 

At Laura’s Home youth receive holistic support through: 

Planning for the future 

For most of the girls at Laura’s Home, planning for the future is not something that they have had the capacity to do in their past. Living at Laura’s Home may be the first opportunity where they feel safe enough to exit survival mode and start dreaming about the future.  

Planning for the future may look like making a plan to graduate high school or get their GED, beginning to dream about what adulthood can look like, and starting to learn basic life skills such as healthy boundaries and communication, coping with stressors, driving, basic financial planning, etc.  

Attending local schools and participating in extracurriculars 

The girls are encouraged to explore their interests through both the classes they are taking in school and through extracurriculars activities. This could be a team sport, leadership, art, debate, and more!  

Activities throughout the broader community 

Our staff at Laura’s Home ensure that the youth are involved in various activities throughout the community. Youth learn about various community resources available to them. They get jobs in the community, participate in mentorship through I Pour Life, go to the movies with friends, and just enjoy being kids! 

Building healthy relationships 

This is a crucial skill for the girls to learn. In the past, they may not have had the opportunity to learn skills for healthy relationships. With the support of staff, the girls learn to navigate friendships, romantic partnerships, work/school relationships, etc. They learn to communicate, set boundaries, advocate for themselves, and ultimately build healthy and fulfilling relationships.  

At Laura’s Home, our goal is to empower youth to go from simply surviving to THRIVING.  

So many of the girls have lived in survival mode for so long and Laura’s Home is the first opportunity for them to focus on both healing and being kids! And thanks to our incredible staff and supporters, the girls have a safe and supportive environment to do just that. 

We are so proud of everything our youth at Laura’s Home accomplish! Want to learn more about our Transitional Living program? Click here!