Transitional Living Apartments


  • Facilitates a learning environment for young men and women ages 18-21 to live independently in their own apartment
  • Work toward continuing education and maintain employment stability
  • Teaches essential tasks such as budgeting, nutrition, home management, and parenting skills
  • Establishes a personalized community support network that continues as they leave Foster Care

The young men and women in our Transitional Living Apartments learn how to live independently while exploring careers, building work history, and continuing their education. These experiences allow them to create stability and life-long personal connections.

Located throughout the community, our apartments give residents access to professional staff providing guidance, support, and encouragement as needed. As the residents are ready, they move into apartments of their own and apply all they have learned in Transitional Living Apartments.

During their time with us, residents are responsible for budgeting and covering expenses. Good Samaritan pays apartment-related bills, placing the resident’s budgeted income into a restricted savings account, which provides them with financial resources as they leave the Foster Care system.

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