“I wish I could’ve just been a kid”

“I wish I could’ve just been a kid” Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Do you remember the pure joy of waking up on Christmas morning? The sun is peaking its head out. The crisp December air is hanging in a quiet house. The sense of excitement was almost too much for you to contain. Out of the […]

Suicide Prevention Month – Shining a Light of Hope

You may have heard that September is Suicide Prevention Month, and we believe recognizing how you feel is the first step toward healing. When working with youth who have experienced trauma this can be a high hurdle for our therapists, but with enough education, strong relationships, and a safe environment, we can break down those barriers.  

Russ, the 9th Boy: From Former Youth to Mentor

I’d like to introduce you to Russ. Russ was the 9th boy here at our Specialized Care program at our Ranch location– he was there in 1959! And for Russ, his time at the Ranch was transformative. So much so that he returns each year to give back to the youth currently in our program. 

Happy Mother’s Day!

Celebrating Mother’s Day at Good Samaritan Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Happy Mother’s Day!  Mothers are essential to our lives. I’m Ariel, an intern here at Good Samaritan. I am preparing to graduate college and my mom is still one of my very best friends. Something that I really admire about her is the strength and passion […]

Child Abuse Prevention Month: Breaking the Cycle

Child Abuse Prevention: Breaking the Cycle Facebook Twitter LinkedIn April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. At Good Samaritan Boys Ranch, breaking the cycle of abuse is a key goal in all of our programs. Our programs are designed to help youth and families heal from trauma, build resiliency, and establish strong foundations for their futures. […]

Laura’s Home: A Safe Place for Girls

Laura’s Home: A Safe Place for Girls Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Did you know that we have a group home just for girls? In the decades since we started as a small non-profit at our Ranch location, we have grown to include programs for youth and families throughout our community.  And Laura’s Home was created specifically […]

Celebrating Our Good Samaritans

Celebrating Our Good Samaritans Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Have you ever heard the story of the Good Samaritan? A man is lying injured on a road, unable to move. Several travelers pass him by, avoiding him. However, a Good Samaritan sees the injured man and takes him to an inn, where the innkeeper helps him heal. […]

Celebrating Love at Good Samaritan this Valentine’s Day 

Celebrating Love at Good Samaritan Boys Ranch this Valentine’s Day Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Happy Valentine’s Day from Good Samaritan Boys Ranch! Today, we celebrate the many things that we love and the reason why we do what we do. Love is at the center of everything we do—so with that said, let’s talk about the […]

A Step Towards Independence: Good Samaritan’s Apartments

A Step Towards Independence: Good Samaritan’s Apartments Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Did you know that Good Samaritan offers apartments to foster youth who are ready to live more independently?   The youth in our Good Samaritan apartments are entering the next level of adulthood where they are beginning to explore higher education or full-time jobs. It is […]